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- Geography
La Quesera Valley and the La Cruz Valley
are situated at 65º 15' West and 24º 50' Sud. Both valleys are wide and cross the Sierras del Mojotoro. Its limits are: the Lerma Valley in the west, the Siancas Valley in the east, El Chamical in the south and Las Higuerillas in the north. The zone is low mountains; the maximum hight of the region reaches 1963 meters with most of its territory at around 1450 meters.

- Climate
The climate is dry, moderately tropical with an average temperature of around 21º C in summer and 10º C in winter. Summers are hot and humid, without being too oppressive, and winters are dry.

- Flora
In the transition zone between forest and mountains, trees reach between 15 and 20 meters of altitude. Above 1800 meters of altitude, trees are replaced by mountain pastures.

- Fauna
Despite being situated at only around 20 kilometers from the biggest city of the Province of Salta, there is a surprising number and diversity of birds, reptiles and dear. Predominant are wild pigs, dear, Guinea pigs, hare, wild cats and pumas, snakes, ovenbirds, hummingbird, magpie, eagles and parrots.

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